Monday, June 13, 2005

all is better in the world. at least as far as hearing from my homestay goes. i was mostly gonna crap myself because if for some reason it fell though i'd have a shit time of trying to find one now, and definatly would have to pay more. expensive fucking city. although i hear since i'll buying my food at the grocers it's very cheap. unfortunatly, i also hear english produce is quite shite. ah well. i'm just going to live on guiness anyway. one more paper left and the research is killing me. the cure for insomnia? central asia.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

someone has made everything feel different.

in other news, i'm pretty much down to just one more paper. of course it's going to be my crappy central asia paper and my prof is making me meet him tomorrow at 9 in the a fucking m. to those of you not living in the jewish state, that's the equivalent of being asked to meet your prof at 9 in the a fucking m on a saturday morning. who does that?! i'm just going to crap that paper out in two weeks, i know it. classes are all done, which is so very strange. i'm pretty much done with grad school save for the thesis. the mind bogglingly huge thesis. the good news is that i've dug up all my sources from here that i'll need so i'm all set for london next month. speaking of london, i havent heard back from my homestay in over a week since i gave them my dates for arriving and that has me kind of worried. hope they didnt implode or anything. fuckers. ahhh...still, everything feels different and new and good in the oddest most peculiar of ways.