Saturday, May 21, 2005

so bad at updating. i'm a douchebag. anyway, i finally saw hitchhikers guide last night. fuckin' brilliant. really loved it. they managed to combine adams' themes from all the books and create something i think he would have been really proud of. excellent comedic timing. and very very british. i'll get around to seeing star wars tonight.

i went to see the movie alone last night. i do that sometimes. there's something nice about seeing a movie alone, moreso if you can get a little isolated spot somewhere in the theater (i couldnt, but at least the people around me really liked the film). i know some people who like seeing movies alone, but i think we may be few and far between. i got a slice of pizza and went down to the beach afterwards to eat it. i may be the only person who does this kind of thing. then again, i haven't really made much effort to find anyone else who appreciates geeky british sci-fi comedy and late night pizza on a quiet beach. this may be because i imagine any discussion about this sort of thing gets awkward after, "you went to see a movie by yourself? why would anyone do that?"

i spent most of last week listening to miles davis' 'kind of blue' over and over again. i love rediscovering an old favorite album. i also spent most of the past week pretending that i was actually getting work done while actually applying for jobs in the states; mostly intelligence analyst kind of stuff. we'll see how i do. i can tell you that i wont be working for the FBI anytime soon as i have "smoked marijuana in the past three years." i wonder if i still wouldnt be eligable if i were fluent in 20 languages. i imagine i would be. teaching seems more and more like a nice idea.

im trying to figure out how much money i'll need in london. most answers point to "more than i have" but i shall survive. after all, i can just live on guiness. at least i've got a place to stay. now i need a cheap ticket. it's all very strange. it hasn't hit me yet that i'll be leaving here in a little under two months. this may be because i dont want to think about what i'll do with myself in new york. on the other hand, i should probably just realize that time is running quite short and make the most of what i've got. fuck. i really should be. what am i doing on here?


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