Saturday, May 07, 2005

i think i used to be funnier. i'm not sure why that is. perhaps it's just time. i think this may happen to comedians in general. i know there are comedians who i thought were hysterical five or ten years ago that just cant get a laugh out of me now. all this got me thinking about love, because, well, that's just what i tend to think about on those long walks home after a long dinner with friends and several bottles of wine. so i began to think that perhaps there is something in the pitch or tone or tempo or all of these in the human voice that resonates in perfect harmony with the ears of another particular individual. that there is something in the human voice that reverberates love in waves. that the kind words between lovers remain kind for a lifetime. that sincerity remains sincere, that humor remains funny, that honesty is carried from lips to ears in every note uttered.

but perhaps these are just the thoughts that are carried by the wind over the mediterainian and down sycamore lined boulevards.


Blogger Brian H said...

The best observation I've seen about humour is that it depends on surprise, violated expectations. That may not be sufficient, but it seems to be necessary. Puns are a good example.

May 7, 2005 at 10:33 AM  
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