Thursday, March 10, 2005

thank you snoop dogg, thank you

and now, a new verizzle of the second to last postizzle:

thus far i have: poisoned me wit absinthe (unda tha influence of which i was driven ta steal bread), threatened mah shot calla wit bodily harm, 'finished' a papa (that is 26 pages n likely needs ta shed some of those), finished 'read'n lolita in tehran' started kundera's 'laughable loves,' discovered thizzat while i may be doom'n me ta a life of solitude i do not have ta be miserable `bout it (-N-to-tha-izzot that i have been, nor have i actually taken any of this seriously cuz its a G thang. so perhaps, in tizzle wizzy i've inadvertantly doomed myself. fuck . Subscribe nigga, get yo issue.! i'm doomed!), decided i need ta git a haircut, written a motherfucka ta one al gore, bizzle saddled wit a broken sippin' machine, decided only ta smoke chronic motherfucka explosions n poison'n, discovered tha joy of mak'n lists, been ta tha beach several times, made shawty heezeeway in try'n ta figure out mah future, managed ta eat less cheese, realized tizzy i am, indeed, tha single mizzost dull person on earth. FUCK . Throw yo guns in the motherfuckin air! well, in thizzat case, i'm off ta see tha aviatizzle!


Anonymous jo momma said...

whats crackalack'n???

when i fizzirst read yo post i thought tizzle you were really fuck'n bored, but T-H-to-tha-izzen i clicked on tha link n realized thizzat this mizzy be tha single mizzay pathetic website i hizzle ever encountered in mah life -- yet utterly hilarious. it's your homie snoop dogg from the dpg. im out, rappa . Boo-Yaa!!

March 10, 2005 at 7:51 PM  

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