Monday, February 21, 2005

so i'm back in tel aviv. the flight consisted of a child who alternated between adorably clutching my arm and not so adorably kicking me. i've also realized that being a vegetarian on a plane attracts a lot of attention because you 1) get your food first 2) your food is generally better tasting and more asthetically pleasing and 3) because since youre the only one with food you will be talked about, to, and over regarding your meal. still, the only real complaint is that there is always (really, every fucking time) somebody standing over me while i'm sleeping and carrying on a conversation at what must be a ridiculously high volume. the worst part may be that they obviously are only having this conversation because they have nothing else to do. well, here's something they could do, sit in their own seats quietly and let me sleep. i mean, my leg is already asleep from the kicking, why not let the rest of my body follow?

still, it's better than Tower.

in other exciting news...i have a plan. yes, really, a plan. one with dates. it's amazing. georgetown has a joint MA program in security studies with a law degree that i really like. so i now have to be in london in july so i can get back to new york in august to take an LSAT course, take the test in october, apply early admissions to georgetown, then get back to writing my thesis.

yup. there it is. pretty mundane when it's written down, but i'm pleased with it. i'm a bit annoyed that i now have to move my london plans back a month, and i'd like more LSAT time, but i think 2 months should do it. i'll ask around and see what people say.

so...who's got friends and family on the georgetown admissions board? anyone? anyone? speak up, dont be shy now...


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