Tuesday, February 01, 2005

shutting down? nope. i'm just on vacation. settle down people.

the next part is actually from a message sent to a particularly sassy person in london via myspace, also known as internetcrack

i spent the morning at the council on foreign relations, then walked around central park in the snow, took pictures of ice skaters and got stared at by some creepy kid cos perhaps i look a bit creepy myself what with my camera and giant wool hat with the pompom on top and the elephant ear flaps. then went to play with the toys in the worlds greatest toy store (i got free milkshake!). after the playing of the giant keyboard, the riding of the segway, and the purchasing of ugly dolls, i proceeded to the worlds greatest rare bookshop to play with antique prints and maps. this is also where i left said ugly dolls and will thus have to return. all was followed by burrito and texan beer at the rodeo bar. i finished the day with a stellar dental checkup.

the council on foreign relations was exciting, particularly since the advisor was speaking and i got to watch him blow all these folks away. interestingly enough most of the people there were from the world of business and finance. very very interesting.


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