Monday, January 24, 2005

i've decided that "take on me" is a surprisingly sweet song once you figure out what the hell those swedes are saying. i've heard rumor that chasemanhatten will pay arabic speakers 150,000 starting. i've become mildly apprehensive about going back to new york, even though it's only a visit. still very excited, but it's been quite a while, and last time barely counted cos it was so short. i hope it isn't too strange. i want my family to move into the new house already so i can have a study. i've always wanted a study. i want to fill it with books from floor to ceiling. i want it to have a wet bar. want want want. shut up. i like that i'm rambling. it's what is it its that chain of no stream of conciousness. yes. i used to love kerouac as a kid. he's really entertaining at that age. ah. now. well. let's see. what am i thinking about now i'm thinking about i'm thinking about thinking love thinking love thinking love thinking? no thinking about love. decided that it's time. the details will come later. the who's and the how's and the what's and the whatnots. not important for now. but it's been decided. and adventure. adventure. tomorrow perhaps an adventure back to passia. this time with D. he keeps pressing me to go, and tomorrow really is my last opportunity before going to ny. hope they're open. some muslim holiday last week. i'd like to make 150k. i should work harder on arabic. i should finish this paper. should should should. fuck. damn. ok. i should probably sleep. but eh. it's ok. slept enough. more than enough. really. need to get work done. love six feet under. fucking love it. is this enough? probably. yeah.


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