Sunday, January 09, 2005

i need to kill five minutes before 'six feet under' comes on. it's the only show i watch, and for some stupid reason i thought it was on at 12 not 11 last week and only saw the last five minutes. might have something to do with my computer clock being an hour ahead all the time. it just wont go back to normal. well, eventually daylight savings time will kick in.

passia was a hit. i found a doctorate written at the american university in beirut about black september back in the early 80's. the author later went on to be a minister of information (i believe) in jordan. still, she wrote it well before any archival information was available, so i'm still one up. there was also a book that Dr. Hadthi wrote (the guy is seriously brilliant) that has a huge section on black september and the before and after. also a few arabic sources that lord only knows how i'll translate.

i have to go back so i can borrow the stuff. he couldnt lend it out because he doesnt know how that works and he was the only one working on account of orthodox xmas. which is funny, because most of the people working there are muslim. he was getting bombarded by diplomats and reporters, but still took the time to sit with T and i. he even picked us up from the american colony hotel so we wouldnt have to wander around east jerusalem. the first thing he did was complain that he was the only one working, "I am, how do you say, stupid." well, whatever he is he was really helpful.

and now that i've filled you with pointless tidbits of what's happening in my life, i'm off to see six feet under!


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