Monday, December 13, 2004

so today before class starts, The Advisor (as he shall be known from now on) points me and says, "you, we need to talk after class, i have news." I wish his face was more readable "good news or bad news." He looks ??surprised/confused??? for just a brief moment and says, "good news. no problem" and then makes that hand gesture which in baseball means "safe" and in israeli parlance means "all taken care off" although it's done far less dramatically (unfortunatly).

so guess what kids, i'm going to london for four weeks! rawk on. four weeks in the national archives. i'm very excited. in other archive news i got an email from the folks at the nixon archives. man are those people on top of their game. they (actually, one very kind researcher there) sent me an email with all kinds of good information that will help me. looks like i'll be in washington for a week come february. that's exciting cos i havent been there in about 10 years and would really like to see the smithsonian and do a white house tour (i dont think i ever took one, and it just doesnt seem right not to have done that at least once in my life).

i got a congradulations and a minor chewing out by dad today. the former regarding the grant, the latter regarding my possible journey to jordan to do research. that's very iffy. it would totally depend on what i dig up at the archives and if there's anyone The Advisor can hook me up with over there. I shall have to discuss it with him more throughly. I know he's not big on interviews. besides, its really the sort of thing i should only be doing if this ends up being publication worthy. well, we'll see where this takes us. probably best to just get all the archived material from here, the US, and london and write out the thesis, then see what turns up before i start applying to scholarships to do work in jordan.

so this is good. i have a plan. leave here at the end of july, be in london, get back to new york in september to write my thesis, finish in a few months, then find an LSAT course and take the bloody test already....which means come summer i'll be a free man.

options options.....the dream is still to just get a pickup truck, a dog, and drive around the country working odd jobs while spending my free time just reading, writing, and wandering. it should be feasible. then again, i've also thought of going to volunteer doing something outdoors up in alaska. i miss that place so much. still, as josh says, 'live the dream' so i'll try. that's still a fair ways away and i've got lots of reading to get to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats on the grand plan!

you'll enjoy this one:

December 15, 2004 at 2:44 AM  

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