Monday, December 06, 2004

ok, i'm a big fan of the steven martin "king tut" skit...although i certainly seem to be alone in this (at least with anyone under 30...please, like you didnt know there was a little old man hidden inside me?) so i truly enjoyed this

funky tut

i was tempted the other day to take a picture of the beautiful blue skies we've been having, but then thought of the rage of jealousy that you would all get thrown into (although they say the rain will really start tomorrow...and if so then it'll probably stay for two months)

visiting home in february is going to fucking kill me...i dont remember what snow is like. fuckblarggle.

no final word yet on my grant from school, but my advisor says he thinks there should be no problem getting it. it's actually from something called the lewis fund, of which i have a sneaking suspicion is connected to bernard lewis, which is just dandy by me. then again, it could just be my advisor pulling strings. well, he does have an office next to lewis'. Although my advisor has the much nicer one. then again, lewis doesnt teach here, he just gets an honorary office. could be a closet. i'm not sure. he also shares the honorary office/closet with the university president. hmmm, suspicious.

i feel like i had a lot more to say, but i guess not. maybe i'm just really friggin tired. it's possible. i have so much shit to get done. fuuuuuucklafjalrrraggleballllgle. is there a gland that produces laziness? cos i need to remove that shit fast.


Blogger Brian H said...

Good luck with the grant.

Find something you gave up on too soon or long ago and revive the project. That's a pretty sure-fire cure for laziness!

December 10, 2004 at 7:00 AM  

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