Tuesday, December 28, 2004

i'm torn between wanting a nap (undeserved, as i've found an addiction in internet backgammon...sheshbesh for those keen on the colloquial) and doing some translating. how this equals out to posting, but apparently it does.

i got my paper back on terror financing. there's a story that goes with this, and that's why i'm telling you.

i emailed the prof...we'll call him professor prick...asking if we could meet to discuss my topic. the reply..."absolutely not, i can't help you more than i help other students." Ok, well, keep in mind all i asked was to meet him in his office to talk about my topic. and no, he's not israeli. or american. he's actually british, but since no brit could ever conceive of being so impolite he is merely an imposter who can only be identified as 'prick.' now i run into him a month ago and he asks me where my paper is, so again i tell him that i'm not feeling all that comfortable with the paper and would like to meet him to discuss it. "absolutely not." thanks professor prick. he asks me when i'll hand it in and i tell him any deadline is obviously up to him. he says that means it's up to me. great, no time limit. two weeks later professor prick tells me 'i was going to email you, everyone else handed their papers in ages ago. you have until the end of the semester.' note here, less than half the class has turned in their papers to date and none of them ever heard anything about a deadline. so whatever, i just printed it out and handed it in at the office. i got a 93, but that still doesnt make up for the fact that he's a huge chunk of anal crust.


oh, i shaved off my beard this morning and now my face is fucking freezing. everytime i exhale it's like a stream of cold are going down my upper lip and over my chin. i've also learned that a beard makes your face very dirty and when you get rid of it you will look like you did when you were 15. i think if i ever grow another one i'll never shave it off. at least not in the middle of winter. (yes its cold here, shut up. actually, it's gorgeous, but it's freezing inside. fucking cynderblock buildings)

ok, i should go do...something


Blogger Brian H said...

Just be glad the prof only has authority over a few insignificant university students. Imagine if he actually had responsibility for something important!

December 29, 2004 at 1:43 AM  

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