Friday, December 24, 2004

I sent a festivus greeting card to my sister telling her she's a disappointment. I also sent it to a few other people, but then got tired of the tediousness of the task. Still, happy festivus to the rest of us. i think i'll have a festivus party next year. if my apartment were bigger i could have had one here.

so according to this my birthday song in the states was some crappy song by Air Supply, but thankfully in britain it was the specials' "ghost town." i'll take that as a good sign.

i've also been using Yahoo's Music Launch thing. I've been enjoying it because while you're totally limited in what genres you can pick individually, you can make a huge collective of different genres by creating your own station. there are pros and cons to this. the pros are that you rate the songs/artists/albums and yahoo slowly learns what you like. It's not bad at this, and i've heard a couple of new artists that i like and never heard of.

on the con side they throw in these 30 second ads every four or five songs. but the commercials are really funny. for some reason most of them are aimed at what i can only assume would be dubbed 'urban nerds.' i particularly like Launch's self-congradulatory commercial featuring a guy who's doing his best to sound like he's straight outta the hood (or the trunk or the rear axel or whatever it is) but is doing a terrible job of it. please, you want ghetto we'll go to warsaw bee-otch. ugh..yeah.

as long as you keep rating the stuff, it gets better. but they dont seem to have enough albums of different artists. my player just played Mos Def, which reminds me of the time he came to New Paltz during my year long sojurne at New York's hippie capital, and showed up two hours late, stoned and drunk, played two songs, demanded his money, and promptly left to go beat his bitches. ah, good times.

saw oceans 12 yesterday. good flick, but it felt they just kinda made it up as they went along. brad pitt doesnt eat enough during the movie. the best part is...well, i wont say, but the funniest part is when george clooney asks everyone if he looks fifty and they all say he does.

bah, merry festivus


Blogger Josh said...

if you like launch, you should try ... It's free, open-source, and less commercial (there are no commercials). Just install the plugin for your media player and away you go...after 100 songs you'll get musical neighbors (people who listen to similar stuff) and recommendations (stuff that your neighbors listen to that you don't).

December 25, 2004 at 3:50 AM  
Blogger Brian H said...

We need to hear your sister's reply. Or is it too shocking for our tender sensibilities? :)

December 28, 2004 at 12:37 AM  
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