Saturday, November 06, 2004 many crazy things can happen since i last wrote? i never commented on how the red sox won, which, while sad for any decent new yorker, is still pretty amazing. arafat is gonna die. it's about time and i hope he's suffering. there's some rumors going around (they've been around for a long while, but now that he's about to kick the eternal bucket they've resurfaced. ready for this? arafat has aids. yup, the rumor is that he's been known to have sex with young boys and orgies with his security guys. it's great that no matter how old a person can be, or even if they've become the leader of a national movement, his opponents can still come back with, "you're gay!"

biggest political news, obviously, that little map down there. pretty interesting. you hear a lot about how people in new york are so upset and believe that bush just carried all those ol' time religion jesus folks in the middle of the country. well, hate to burst that little bubble, but that's crap. no matter where you are, the margin was very slim. bush carried some 40% of new york. so even if youre living in manhatten, remember, it's not folks in the midwest that you hate, it's your neighbors.

there's all this talk about how people voted because of values. well, perhaps they did. not born-again christian values, but a different kind of values that people traditionally look for in a leader. someone who doesnt waver once he's made a decision. someone who isnt afraid to tell who he really is. a lot of people like the idea that their president prays. personally, i dont much care either way, since W isnt asking me to go to church. i like that he values idealism. i mean, what other president in the last 40 or 50 years would have the courage to decide we're not just going to destroy the taliban, but turn that country into a democracy. i know that it's barely been noticed, but the same day that bush was elected, hamid karzai was officially made president of afghanistan. afghanistan held an election! there is now democracy in a place that has known war for a century. a nation built of tribes and clans. of course we'll only know if this was a true success after an election that peacefully transfers control to a new government. still, considering that the challenge comes from religious extremists and not political challengers, it's been an amazing election. imagine walking for 3 days in the rain to vote? just think about that. if nothing else, Bush will go down in history as having done something incredible.

i wont go through bush's economic plans. i'm not an economist and dont pretend to be. i know that considering the pseudo-recession started before he came into office, and that 9/11 happened so soon after he took office, the economy has held in there pretty darn well. healthcare is still a big issue, as it always was. the problem is that the health care industry in america is a 2 trillion dollar a year industry. how the hell can anyone manage that? universal healthcare has worked very well in france and well in germany. however, in england it's been a nightmare, and in canada its teetering on the brink. (note to unmentioned hollywood types: might want to rethink your little move to our northern neighbors) So to blame bush for it is a bit unreasonable, considering that there is indeed a war on.

and back to iraq. how many times do the points have to be made? everyone believed there were WMD's and Saddam wasn't denying it. History showed that he had them and liked using them. to be upset that innocent people have been killed is reasonable, natural, and one hopes that everyone is upset by that. but where were all these people when saddam was killing off millions of innocent men, women, and children. pathologists that worked in bosnia have been working the mass graves in iraq. they're saying that they've never seen anything like this. bosnia generally had graves full of men agest 16-30, but they're finding mass graves of women, elderly, and children. one pathologist described finding thigh bones the size of match sticks. do i really need to repeat that or will you go ahead and read it again, please? maybe things could have gone better in iraq after the war, maybe they could have gone worse. but i know in my head and my heart that pulling out (as kerry promised he would. first after two years, then later he said after one year, then he said after six months) would have been a horrible mistake. i know that all the talk about afghanistan two years ago was similar to what we're hearing now about iraq. i hope that in the next two years we see a huge change in iraq. for the better, naturally.

there's a lot to say about all this, naturally, but i just dont have time. papers to write, things to read.


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Excellent post. Here's another map you might like -- the United States of Canada. ;)

November 7, 2004 at 3:18 AM  

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