Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Man was not made to shit and recline. No, i'm not being philosophical here, i mean it, man was not built to shit while reclining. Which is a damn shame, because who wouldn't want to kick their feet up and relax while pooping. Let's be honest. Don't make that face, you know you'd love it if you could lay back in one of those giant British Airways first class super-beds they always advertise, and just poop your little heart, er, colon out. But alas, we shall have to wait for the next stage in evolution for that little gem.

Anyway. Last night D and I went down to the beach to, well, just sit on the beach. It's nice at night cos it's usually really quiet and it's still warm out. We went to the religious beach, as per usual, since it has that nice wall around it which allows for a certain sense of detachment. (as though anyone here needed to feel more detached) well, there happened to be a bunch of religious guys there last night too, about 7 or 8 of them. Young guys, around 20, and they were quite jovial. Some of them ran into the water dancing and singing. Very funny. I've never been particularly (read, at all) religious, although i've never hidden my small envy of those that truly love devoting themselves to their faith (or anything, really).

D had his gee-tar with him, and some of the religious guys that didnt go swimming came up to us and wanted him to play for them. D was quite shy with them, which was surprising as he's a fair bit more religious than i am, and generally tends to like opportunitys to speak in hebrew (he came here not knowing a word, and has made some really impressive progress). I on the other hand, was quite friendly. Perhaps it was the Johnny Walker. The three religious kids were really impressed with my flask, although they wouldnt take a drink. They really liked smelling the alcohol though. They didnt think they could handle it though, and i couldnt convince them to take a swig. It's funny when D takes a sip, cos he makes this awful face and lets out this kind of painful hissing sigh, then promptly asks me, "how the hell can you drink this stuff straight like that?" Years of practice boy, years of practice.

One of the religious guys, we'll call him A, stuck around. He and i started talking and after a half hour or so D picked up and went home. A and i kept talking and talking until almost 4 am. It was my first real conversation with a haredi. We're talking white shirt, black pants, black skullcap, studying torah from 7am until 1am (he's on vacation until sunday, hence being at the beach so late). Still, it really wasnt the kind of conversation one would expect at all. We talked about god, of course (i was pleasently surprised that he didnt push anything on me, not in the least, perhaps not unlike the way meat eaters are surprised that i dont push vegetarianism on them. although i wasnt nearly as suspicious of him as meat eaters are of me). We also talked about secular-religious relations here in israel. He seemed honest and open about it. he didnt understand why the secular are so vicious to the religious (and they can be), and he really seems to push for better understanding between the two.

We talked a lot about women. He was very focused on this. He was also really surprised by a lot of my answers to his questions. He's a sweet guy, apparently very shy around girls. I told him he shouldnt be. He was really shocked that i hadnt slept with anyone in three months, he seems to be under the impression that anyone secular has sex every day, all the time. He was particularly unnerved over my "it's just sex" comment. I explained that eventually you get to the point in life that, if you dont really feel for someone, then it's just sex and it probably wont happen more than once or twice. This of course is just me. I realize now that i was surprisingly open about what i want. i went on about my "we're all ugly at 80" thing about why you want to find someone that you really love to be with. I was much more impassioned last night than i am now, and probably a good deal more poetic, but then again, i had been drinking. Either way, he seemed quite impressed. On the other hand, he has to stay virgin until he gets married, so perhaps anything i have to say about sex would have appeared impressive.

We also talked a little politics, as per usual here. he said that he's usually left, but whenever there's a bombing he just feels like he's on the far right of the spectrum. it's understandable. Still he seemed quite tolerant. i dont know if that's age or wisdom, but i hope he stays that way. sweet guy.

anyway, tomorrow morning i'm off to hang out with saba yossef at some tv studio in givatyme. he's being interviewed for channel 2 apparently. i always like going to these things with him, i feel like a personal liason. i imagine he likes that feeling as well, perhaps it brings him back to his days in the big political circles.


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