Wednesday, October 13, 2004

i've been feeling a bit romantic as of late. perhaps it's all the reading i've been doing on terror financing. or listening to massive attack. maybe it's the beard. either way, considering that i've also been feeling acutely screwed up as of late, albeit in a calm serene kind of way, it may not be best to actively seek an outlet for these romantic stirrings.

have i really brought this topic up twice in one week? sheesh. someone find a sweatsock and jam it down my throat like an amish grandmother churning butter.

i wish my hebrew was better. it's good enough to carry any conversation, but not on a higher level. i speak street hebrew, not university hebrew. that bothers me. apparently not enough to actively fight it though. ah well. i shall try. at the very least i should start reading more.

not much else to discuss, except it's always exciting to discover that people i dont know are reading this. pretty crazy. am i really that fascinating? i doubt it. but i understand voyeurism. so it's cool.


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