Tuesday, October 05, 2004

i have a new phrase that i like, "word is born"

i hope i get to use it sometime. that would require someone to say something so true and sincere that i'd get to say it. something like, "hey d, youre a big fat jerkface with a crooked asshole." and then i could just sigh wearily with the boulder weight of age and whisper "word is born."

something like that.

i've also decided that being in debt with the bank sucks balls, because it essentially means i'm broke. and being broke is like having one long hangover. there are all these things you need to do, but each one makes you want to vomit all over your shoes. i wonder if bloody mary's in the morning would cure poverty.

ahh, life life life. what to do with you?

watched sean of the dead, the british zombie romantic comedy. good flick. very british. the english know what i mean. fish and chips this, you fuckers! ahh....love the english.

introduced my friend to zardoz. she now understands why i can watch any film and afterwards say, "well, it's still no zardoz."still, after E watched it, she really seemed to understand what Boorman was trying to do. unfortunatly, she may be alone in this. personally, i just revel in showing the film to people for the first time. it's a true cult classic, not in the rocky horror sense that everyone has seen it and has gone through some rocky phase. no no, zardoz fans are true fans...there can be no bubbly joy, only hysterical insanity. NO NO I WILL NOT GO TO SECOND LEVEL WITH YOU NO NO!!! THE GUN IS GOOD, THE PENIS IS EVIL! ahhhh, so many classic lines.

thank you sean connery. thank you for wearing little red underwear with that horrible pony tail. thank you for starring in what is certainly your worst role. thank you for the single greatest fall of all time. thank you for breaking through the impenetrable plastic. but most of all, thank you for that incredible final shot. (E insisted on watching that shot twice, and that was before the story of the kid that connery made leave the country for ruining it)

so go out and rent zardoz. because you know you want to. and if you've already seen it a million times, well, cant hurt to look again.

there you go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this movie when it came out. I really thought it was brilliant, but it was a hard sell to some of my friends who just couldn't or wouldn't follow the ideas being presented. I'm going to go out and rent it and watch it with some friends from the old days and see how it holds up. Thanks for reminding us of this great cult classic!

October 12, 2004 at 1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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November 20, 2004 at 6:38 AM  

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