Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Last entry was a bit all over the place, huh? hmmm. i dont know if anyone read it though, as i took that rather long hiadus (sp?). Still, according to blogger i've written some 121 entries since i started this a little over a year ago. When did i write all those? Still, i think i should go back to updating more regularly, since this is the closest thing to a chronicle of my time here. Save for my other little journal that i put in random pieces of paper with some sort of sentimental attachment, and write little notes in late at night, generally after a glass of whiskey or some other well chosen poison, with something along the lines of Astral Weeks playing in the background.

Astral Weeks, by the way, is an album that if you dont own, you really should. But close be it from me to be a hypocrite, as i have yet to go out and buy it. Ahhh, illegal downloading.

did i just implicate myself? fuck. diplomatic immunity?

So i should be back in new york around february for a visit. mark your calanders kids. i should start looking for cheap flights.

spent yom kippur watching two french films. "The Time of the Wolf," about post-apocalyptic france, and Bertelluci's 'The Dreamers." All i can really say is that take away their cheese and wine, and the french will believe that the world has come to an end. After which they will promptly begin to be even ruder than they were before and throw malatov cocktails because the cinemas have been closed.

Love yom kippur in tel aviv. so nice out. except when we ran into the 8 foot tall german that is afraid of my friend E, and his japanese girlfriend who was in my hebrew class. What the hell an 8 foot tall german that is so white that the suns reflection off of skin might blind you, and a japanese woman are doing together in israel is beyond me.

Helped D and A move into their new apartment on Ben Yehuda. It'll be good to have them here in tel aviv.

now, back to the grind.


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