Monday, August 23, 2004

so the sister and the brotherinlaw and the kids are all here. we went to haifa yesterday, but only got to see the bahi gardens for few minutes. really nice place overlooking the bay. it was constructed by this religious sect that promotes peace and love and other such things. if only all the religious folks here built nice gardens.

so the family is good, we're all crammed in together at my aunts place. it's fun, reminds me of when i was a kid and we'd come visit.

as for spain there's lots to say, but i've realized that there aren't any stories per say, just lots of little things that happened that are really only fun to those of us that were there. i got some nice pictures (i have yet to send them all to everyone) and i'll try to put some nice ones up here when i have the time.

i've started doing the research for my paper on sunni and shi'ite relations in fundamentalist islam. it's been interesting to see how two opposing groups influence each other and often times work together.

also interesting will be to see if i can finish 3 papers and translate two pages of newspaper articles from arabic to english in one month from the time my sister leaves until i start classes. lord help me.

so josh says he's looking for brilliance, well josh, here it comes. so far i've mostly gotten muted reactions to this. i havent figured out if it's being taken as offensive or just not very interesting. some people find it funny. it's borderline with my jesus and moses in a canoe joke.

anyway, here goes. so in spain there's a lot of jesus (jesi, if you will), and after seeing the umpteenth church, it dawned on me. i leaned over m's shoulder and whispered in his ear as we looked up at some sort of elaborate alter, "isn't it a bit ironic that a carpenter got nailed to a piece of wood?"

i'm just pointing out the facts people, that's all.

i suppose there should be much to say, but there just isn't. i'm having a good time. feeling good. i guess no news is good news.

Friday, August 13, 2004

have returned happy and successful. enjoyed a delightful birthday and had an excellent time with wonderful friends. lots and lots to write about. we'll see how much time and energy i have to try and document it all. there will be pictures for those in the ofoto loop.