Tuesday, June 22, 2004

so up at the top there in the google ad (it might not be there when you see this, but it's there for me now) are these two links. one to the financial times, and the other called something like americantaskforce or some nonsensical thing like that.

well, the americantaskforce...the one that says palestine facts 101 or such crap is nothing new. there are plenty of organizations like this. mostly they fall under the umbrella group of the international solidarity movement, which in itself falls under the communist/socialist umbrella group of united workers of the world. these are the nice kids that held the "anti-war" rallies in the states last year, full of friendly folks with signs like "smash the jewish state" yes, nice people.

anyway, my gripe with that site has nothing to do with their political views. i couldnt care less what they think nor what they pass off as facts. people will believe whatever they want until they actually see things with their own eyes. and even then they wont be seeing everything.

no, my gripe is that the site offers english and french, and the hebrew and arabic are "coming soon!"... sure they are. but look at this. the site comes in two languages that have virtually no place in the ME. just like the folks that organized that site. it's not that i'm against any outside intervention. after all, the middle east could certainly use some. but if you can't even speak the language, what good are you? no ones going to trust someone that doesnt speak their language, and if youre coming to a place full with your good intentions youre going to be used as a tool by those youre coming to "help."

this is all well and good if youre in the peace corp, but no so in the middle east. the agenda's here dont consist of AIDS relief and irrigation planning. here they are much more sinister, seamier, and seedier than the average westerner can comprehend.

bah, i'm going off on a tangent.

on to important things:

i'm going to spain! woohoo! with B from cali and her friend mark, whom i've never met. 1 country, 3 jews, and many many capperenias if my math is correct. i need to start looking through my footprint guide, but that'll have to wait until after my arabic test on thursday which i should be desperatly studying for, but as you can see, am not.

spoke to mom today and brought up the possibility that i'll be here another six months or more after my initial 2 years are through. a pretty mild response. i guess she's used to my being away by now. besides, she's got her arms full with the grandkids. i'd stay to work more on my thesis, get a job, and do some hardcore arabic learning. we'll see what the world is like in a year, maybe i'll have the balls to spend 6 months in jordan. how about 6 months in sinai? spend my days speaking arabic and scuba diving. sounds like a good plan to me!

the sister is coming with her husband and the kids in august. i'm very excited. he's never been here before, but he's been learning some hebrew. how does a person work on their Ph.D., help raise 3 kids, and have time to learn hebrew on the side? well, in all fairness he listens to the language CD's on his ride home. but still, who has the brain room for all that?

speaking of brain room, i'm feeling full. i think i indulged a bit too much last weekend in slothiness (is that a word?) and the 4 hours a day of arabic now are making it hard to get back into the swing of it all. gotta do it! c'mon lazy fuck! garrblaggle! smack smack! get moving! okok....i'll go now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

stuff about spain:
1) public restrooms have no toliet seats
2) Barcelona is crazy gorgeous but very shadey in most areas.
3) it's impossible to catch a cab within a 4 mile radius of the beach.
4)beach= nakie time for all spanish people.

are you going to go to ibiza? i was dying to go there but didn't get the chance *pout*

June 22, 2004 at 9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha i forgot to sign it. whoops lol

it's toni if you couldn't tell by the mad shitty typing skillz-yo

June 22, 2004 at 9:17 PM  

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