Sunday, June 27, 2004

life's good. definatly can't complain. doing arabic ulpan for 4 hours a day, only 4 days a week. throw in an extra hour or so for homework and the rest of my days are free. bought my ticket to spain, july 23-august 13. sis shows up a week later with the kiddies. spending good amounts of time on the beach. i will definatly use this time to do a bit of travelling. at least get out to petra finally (for all of those familiar with indian jones and the last crusade, it's the place where they find the ark. yes, shot on location. that big building that's etched into the side of the mountain. you know the one.

been watching a lot of football. metric, of course. it's been very exciting. particularly watching it with the europeans. good game. much fun. denmark/czech tonight. should be good, as long as czech wins.

i want to travel around the country more, but i also need to save money for spain. so very very excited. must do more planning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are doing an arabic ulpan in israel??? i am interested in doing that, too. where can i find an arabic ulpan?

my email address is

January 27, 2009 at 3:02 PM  

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