Monday, May 31, 2004

two posts in a day. can you contain your excitement? youd better, cos this isnt a happy post....because this worries me.

i dont buy into a lot of the ADL's anti-semitism hysteria. i'm not a fan of abe foxman. but this could bring in a bad tide. global ignorance of the arab/israeli conflict, anger over iraq, american jews indecisiveness regarding their stance on israel....these things could start adding together along with other scenerios i'd rather not imagine. american jews have over the past few years slowly begun switching to the republicans, as the democrats have been disappointing regarding the israel/arab conflict, and the perhaps greater understanding of terrorism. but that means the jewish base is split between dems and reps. that makes it a weak constituency, contrary to what is often believed. a strong lobby cannot be strong if it cannot bring in the votes. the dems have already begun turning their backs. if things get a great deal worse in iraq, as they could, the reps might start blaming what the left has dubbed the "jewish neocon cabal".....i dont want to think about this.


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