Monday, May 31, 2004

things are looking good. quite good. two papers "done" although i'd like to find someone willing to proofread them. one paper almost there, just a bit more research to do and then just type it up. my arabic test has been moved to a month from now, praise jesus tapdancing on the roof. i gave my proposal for a paper on oil-for-food today, and it went alright, better than expected, and the criticism was actually constructive. particularly from my fellow students, who informed me that they feel my professor is a prick and i taught them more in 20 minutes then they had learned on any given day in the class. eh, it was ok. a bit too dry. too many numbers. whatever.

now it all just hinges on being allowed to play the part of libya in the mock arab summit meeting. i want to wear my big sunglasses, a mumu, and an afro wig. then storm out in the middle. just like ghaddafi did. man, that'd be sweet.

effie is moving next week, and i'm taking her dog for the day. that'll be lots of fun. i figure a good long afternoon spent playing with yuko on the beach will do me good.

plus anna and friend are coming on wednesday, so i'll take them around a bit, ship them off to jerusalem and wherever, and then we'll rent a car for 6 days and drive around. probably mostly in the desert. it'll be a good time.

well, that's about it. time to get some shit done.


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