Monday, May 31, 2004

two posts in a day. can you contain your excitement? youd better, cos this isnt a happy post....because this worries me.

i dont buy into a lot of the ADL's anti-semitism hysteria. i'm not a fan of abe foxman. but this could bring in a bad tide. global ignorance of the arab/israeli conflict, anger over iraq, american jews indecisiveness regarding their stance on israel....these things could start adding together along with other scenerios i'd rather not imagine. american jews have over the past few years slowly begun switching to the republicans, as the democrats have been disappointing regarding the israel/arab conflict, and the perhaps greater understanding of terrorism. but that means the jewish base is split between dems and reps. that makes it a weak constituency, contrary to what is often believed. a strong lobby cannot be strong if it cannot bring in the votes. the dems have already begun turning their backs. if things get a great deal worse in iraq, as they could, the reps might start blaming what the left has dubbed the "jewish neocon cabal".....i dont want to think about this.

things are looking good. quite good. two papers "done" although i'd like to find someone willing to proofread them. one paper almost there, just a bit more research to do and then just type it up. my arabic test has been moved to a month from now, praise jesus tapdancing on the roof. i gave my proposal for a paper on oil-for-food today, and it went alright, better than expected, and the criticism was actually constructive. particularly from my fellow students, who informed me that they feel my professor is a prick and i taught them more in 20 minutes then they had learned on any given day in the class. eh, it was ok. a bit too dry. too many numbers. whatever.

now it all just hinges on being allowed to play the part of libya in the mock arab summit meeting. i want to wear my big sunglasses, a mumu, and an afro wig. then storm out in the middle. just like ghaddafi did. man, that'd be sweet.

effie is moving next week, and i'm taking her dog for the day. that'll be lots of fun. i figure a good long afternoon spent playing with yuko on the beach will do me good.

plus anna and friend are coming on wednesday, so i'll take them around a bit, ship them off to jerusalem and wherever, and then we'll rent a car for 6 days and drive around. probably mostly in the desert. it'll be a good time.

well, that's about it. time to get some shit done.

Monday, May 24, 2004

things are good. busy but good. we'll leave it at that. i wasn't going to post, but i feel like it. however, it's not going to be about me.

just wondering, since no one else seems to be willing to ask this question. how would a serious terror attack in the states affect peoples voting for president?

just curious is all, since it seems like the probability of it is fairly high. i wonder if anyone's been reflecting on this back in the states, cos from the papers, it doesnt sound like it. maybe someone's done a poll on this. or maybe it's too morbid of a concept to investigate. i dunno, maybe i'm jaded. just seems like something worth thinking about.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

there are only two material goods i want in the short run. kinder eggs and tshirts. kinder eggs are down in the corner shop, the tshirts will have to wait until im endowed with a generous amount of cash or a jewish holiday.

one paper requires proofreading, another to be written up, and another to be started from scratch. all this in a span of 2 1/2 weeks. plus preping for a mock arab summit meeting, presenting a topic for my economics class, hosting friends, and being a drunkard. actually, the last one has been on hold for quite some time, being replaced with fat assedness.

fucking school.

Monday, May 17, 2004

I'm too busy to be updating. But it's been such a strange day. a good good day in it's own way. except i'm worried i may have hurt my computer by hitting it before...the space button isnt very happy with me. but i digress...

i dont expect good things in the morning. certainly not at 8 in the morning on the bus to the army recruitment center (that's the lishkat ha'gius foreveryone keeping score at home). I've now gone there enough times to be compensated for my bus rides.

so no expectations. but that doesnt mean i dont notice the beautiful girl soldier that sits down across from me. doesnt mean i do anything about it either. if the bus hadn't been full i dont imagine we would have ended up saying anything to one another, since i was able to hide behind my book. But the bus was full, which means eventually i'll be getting up so someone else can sit down. Then it happened. And we both stood up at the same time. The old man took a seat, but that left one open. She insisted. I insisted better. She reached over to see what i was reading. I gave the explanation as to why i'd be reading it. We start talking. She's sweet. She's smart. Funny.

a homeless guy gets on the bus. the bus driver lets him on but yells at him for not having any money. her heart breaks. it's sincere.

the bus ends up stopping at the wrong place. she makes sure i get to where i need to be. she calls later to make sure i got there. we talk and i tell her i'll call when i get out.

i call to see if she wants to get some coffee. she's on the way to see her boyfriend. i thank her again, and we say goodbye.

i wait about five minutes. then i decide i have nothing to lose. i call again and she sounds surprised. "i know youre on the way to the boyfriends, so this is probably the last opportunity to talk to you, but still, or maybe because of this, i wanted to tell you that youre simply incredible. thanks again."