Friday, April 30, 2004

i've been so bad about updating. not that i've been so busy with my life, but just lazy. lazy lazy lazy. ever since i went on vacation it seems i haven't come back from it. ah well. so right now the city is going insane. totally nuts. we just made it into the euroleague basketball finals about 10 minutes ago, and everyone and their grandmother has been zooming down the street honking their horns, chanting, and waving maccabi tel aviv flags. totally crazy. and the game was here in tel aviv. and independence day was less than a week ago. if we beat the italians on saturday (i'm not sure if that will bring us good luck or bad luck for playing on saturday...than again, i'm wondering if they'll have to change the date cos it's on saturday...we'll see). anyway, if we beat the italians on whatever day, the whole country is gonna be going crazy. i can only imagine what it would be like if we were to do something ridiculous like win the world cup. chances of that are virtually nil, but still, that would be obsurd. *sigh* one can dream.

i hope i can catch the game on whatever day it'll be, cos i'm going up north for the weekend. same kind of trip as the one i took down south. it should be interesting. more people from my program are going this time. i just plan on enjoying myself and abusing my air intake system with some rolled goodness. i should probably be doing a lot more work than i have been recently. i was so good back in march. but i can't seem to get back into school mode.

i was asked today if i miss new york. i do, i really do. and of course everyone there. but at the same time, it's good to be here. you know, when it's "quiet" like it's been for the last few weeks, you realize that this country could easily be an eden. without a doubt. it's a hell of a give and take though. it also has some weird way of pulling people in and not letting them out. i dont know why that is. maybe it's the weather. but probably the people. the atmosphere. you can't be bored here, that's for sure. i cant seem to recall too many stories of people coming here and leaving. a lot of anglos end up living in ranana, where they've apparently made their own state within a state. silly anglos. drives me crazy that there are people that live here for 20 years and still dont know the language. it's just fucked up. my cousin has an english teacher that's like that. some upper east side chick. can you feel my disgust?

wow...everyone is getting crazy. if i wasnt in pajamas, i'd go join the festivities. ah well, here's to hoping we win the finals.


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