Wednesday, March 24, 2004

so very busy with school work. so much to read. hope i'm not going to burn out. i have to write my papers. this MA shit is tough. i wish i had taken advantage of the laxity last semester. much easier than this time around. i guess i was still too busy adjusting. i have no excuse for the dicking around i did in february other than the fact that i was feeling pretty low. i still managed to write my one long paper for the semester (30 pages, fuckers!), but i've got two 15 page suckers to go by early june. i think they'll have to push the deadline back to the end of the summer, because there are plenty of folks that have yet to write anything. of course, there are a couple of geniuses that have managed to write them all. diiiiicks. wish i could hate them, but they're oh-so-loveable. (not sarcasm) all in all, i'm feeling pretty ok. except for this fucking cold. i think i'm off to a sushi party on friday. yay sushi. hope my nose works by then so i can enjoy the food. hope i can get all my shit done soon. gaaaah glarblefraggle. cough cough. snot-rocket. score.

here's one youre not hearing about in the west or at least i havent really seen much of it in the western press. it's been buried a bit. 100 shek's for a kids life? that's about $22.50 american.


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