Monday, March 08, 2004

So a dear dear friend may be showing up soon. Anna, who i worked with in california, sent a random email saying that she was in greece (randomly) with 3 girls she's studying with in paris (again, something random). Anna is crazy. It's true. Love her to death. totally out of her mind though poor thing. an absolute riot. causes a raucus wherever she goes. she can't help it. it's just who she is, and i wouldnt have it any other way. i wish i could offer them all room and board, but my wee hovel cannot, unfortunatly, accomodate 4 guests for a week. even 4 american girls bouncing around europe. alas, they shall have to stay in the favorite of traveller hovels, the youth hostel. or so i assume. anything and everything is possible. for all i know i'll have 4 women in my bed for a week. well, i'll survive. they can nurse me back to health as i'm still recovering from the poisoning of the food (that's arabicesque writing). i'm still feeling week, although i did get a little crazy and eat a laffa today. i hope it doesnt end up killing me. so far so good. *knock wood*

this semesters schedule: Hebrew, Arabic, Religion and Politics, Demographics and Economics, and Inter-Arab Relations. The last sets me up with about 250 pages of reading a week. But the prof. put michael scott doran on the reading list and i absolutely adore what he writes. if you've never read anything of his, you should go do it that right now.

Doran teaches at Princeton, and knowing that makes me wish that i had paid more attention way back when in high school to the idea that grades matter. Because in high school i was much more interested in drinking and sex than grades. So, while sitting here, with random thoughts, i'm thinking that the american public school system does an excellent job of teaching facts, but makes no effort to explain why they matter or what can be done with those facts. Had i understood that, i imagine that i would have cared more, gotten into a place like princeton, and had the opportunity to learn from prof. doran whom i'm sure is an excellent educator. then again, i could have been drunk when they were explaining why facts matter. either way, i was a bit of an intellectual late bloomer. some might say i still am. i would say i'm not an intellectual at all, rather a stumbling acadamic with a great fear of the "real world," since apparently the "real world" doesnt consist of driving around in a pick up truck with a dog. now it's time for me to read off into the sunset....YEEEEEEEaawn....


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