Friday, March 05, 2004

school, insomnia, and food poisoning

it's been a trying week. last night was the first night where i almost got a full and complete nights sleep. but anything beats the night before where i spent 12 hours delirious, unable to breath, convinced i was dieing, yet unsure as to who i was or where i was. that's right kids, it's food poisoning season and my body reached it's equinox the night before last. ever spend a night thinking in arabic, even though you dont know enough to think in arabic? i think we have a new definition of insanity.

speaking of insanity, classes began on monday. pretty good so far. of course, i missed thursday, which was the day when three classes i wanted to try were scheduled, and now that will have to wait for next week. bah. i'm hungry and want soup. i just need something with flavor. or maybe a nap.


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