Thursday, March 18, 2004

John Kerry...who says he actually voted for the $87 billion before he actually voted against it (Well, good thing he's so concerned about the welfare of American soldiers)....has also claimed to receive endorsements from foreign leaders. JK won't tell who these mystery folk are. "None of your business" to quote him directly. Well, aside from the fact that it's generally frowned upon for democratic leaders to interfere in other democracies elections, being endoresed by this jew-hater isn't something JK should be tooting his horn over. Unless you consider that Kerry would either send Jimmy "shouldnt i be dead by now" Carter or James "fuck the jews they didn't vote for us anyway" Baker as his middle east envoy. Then again, JK can't seem to decide on much to begin with, so if he's elected i'd imagine a lame duck presidency. which will be nice for those folks just itching to go duck hunting.

as for me, i'm disappearing into the desert for a few days. sayonara. i plan on abusing my body and not thinking about anything since this semester is kicking my sorry ass. wish me luck.


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