Monday, March 15, 2004

a friend of mine was taking her drivers test, and the driver kept saying to her "why do you keep moving your body like that? what's wrong with you?" Now, he only spoke hebrew, and her's is only so-so, but he finally made her pull over and said "i dont get it, i always see americans doing this. every time you change lanes, you turn your body around. why?" she just looked at him and said, "uh, to check my blindspot." "you're what?" "my blindspot, you know, the part of the car whereyou can see?" "what? there's no such thing!"

that from the driving instructor. yes folks, this is the land where no one knows how to drive. it's actually illegal to check your blindspot, and thus no one even knows what it is.

well, to update that, its been refuted. why the practicle exam (in english) that effie got says not to check your blindspot is beyond me. but i've been told i'm full of shit by a possessor of an israeli drivers license and that you are taught to check your blindspot, so i'll hope that i am, indeed, full of shit. it wouldn't be the first time.

in other news, i went down to sheinkin to buy shoes. there are some of the ugliest shoes in the world right here in israel, but also some great shoes, and at great prices. much better variety and price than in new york. so sure i'll probably get run over, but i'll look fucking hot laying in the road. i also went down to yaffo. ahh, alex, how your presence is missed there. bought little nicknacks and things at the shook. fun times.

i'm hopefully going to eilat next weekend, assuming i stop being a lazy fucker and get some work done. particularly on the two papers that are due by the end of may. there's a bunch of folk that havent written any yet, or only one long one like i have. but who knows when i'll find the time for all this. *sigh*

the illness reared its ugly head for a few hours on saturday. not fun. there's some stomach virus epidemic going on around here. so far i think i've had it the worst. most people have just been in pain (got that) weak (ditto) physically ill (yup) or just whiney (totally)...but i was the only one to spend 12 hours dilirious and hallucinating. well, guess i'm clearly in the poorest physical shape. i have however been sleeping fairly well, which is a new and welcome arrangement.

i totally want a nap now...i should drink coffee. i have so much to do...fuck me with a pogostick


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