Sunday, February 29, 2004

waiting, walking, and spring.

didn't bother sleeping last night, since i had to be at the lishkaht hagioos (that's as phonetic as i can make it- translation: army draft place) at 9 am. i did get a lot of arabic studying (relearning) done. i think i'm understanding it. i have to finish everything up today though. doesn't help that i'm getting sleepy. the gorgeous weather isn't helping either. it's 80 degrees out. yes, 80. welcome to spring in Israel. summer will be here momenterily.

taking a short break and going back to yesterday: spent the whole day (i woke up at 3, leave me alone, i can't sleep for the next 4 months) with effie and dog yuko. got breakfast at a cafe, went to the beach, went to get more coffee, hung out, helped her with her driving practicle exam (the test here is fucking insane, you need to know everything about how your car works.). effie is from england, and apparently in england they teach you how to think when taking an exam. well, i've had to scrub that silly notion out of her head and introduce her to good old fashion american test taking, SAT style.

key words, process of elimination, and trying to imagine youre an ape with slightly malfunctioning opposable thumbs.

back to today. got to the LS at 9 something. mind you, i had to go, because i got the "orange letter" which means i'd have a warrent out for my arrest otherwise. i just had to drop off a letter from my doctor anyway, and now they'll decide if i'm going or not. whatever. i finally got out around 11. then you have to wait for a cab to fill up so he'll take you to the stupid bus station, where you will sit and wait for the right bus to come by. taxis drive past you slowly, hoping against hope that you'll be in such despair and such haste that you'll pay any price to hop into their luxury death box (i almost got killed twice on the ride to the LS). since i'd blown so much cash taking a cab there, i wasn't about to hop in another one. "ata lokeakh cartisia?" i finally asked one of the cab drivers as he gave me a look that i wasn't sure if he was pleading, or trying to get me to plead with him to take me home. "you take a bus pass?" yeah, he got a laugh out of that one.

the bus ride is long. too long. i pulled out my dying map at one point to see if the bus was by any chance stopping at a place i needed to go. the old woman across from me leaned over and said in a russian accent (though in very good english) yes, where do you need to go? well? what are you looking for? I answered in hebrew. not for any reason other than that's the language i was thinking in at that moment. i think she may have taken offense to that. it took me a second to realize why she spoke to me in english. she chose english cos i had a copy of Friedman's "Longitudes and Attitudeds" a collection of his editorials just prior too, and after 9/11 up until 2003 i believe. interesting read. it's funny how a lot of his critics don't seem to recall any of the things he was writing back them. he's quite intelligent, although i certainly can't agree with everything he says. a lot of people seem to make unfair judgements on what he writes. i can understand criticizing it, but they treat the man as though he were Paul Krugman. Really kids, let's all try to play a little fair. at least friedman isn't a complete cynical washout. either way, i tend to prefer the washington post.

question now i dare nap?


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