Friday, February 20, 2004

so where have i been? nowhere, really. i was up north for a few short days, celebrated cousins and uncles birthday. got cousin 2 chopin cd's and an 1878 illustrated copy of a shakespeare's king's collection. (for 30 sequels, i might add! sometimes you get lucky). I picked it up at a great little used book shop down on allenby called harpers, so if youre in the area, it deserves a visit.

i've been making good headway with my paper. of course, i was supposed to have finished it last week, but eh, i'm laaaaazy. i am, however, getting out of my funk *knock wood*. Dont ask, i dont know how it happens. perhaps talking to K about it helped. probably. i've never been a big talker about how i feel, so maybe i'll change that. i've been getting pangs of motivation to get my shit done (but it's all still coming slowly, and i'm still feeling a bit aloof)...but more surprising is the strange desire to get into a relationship. it's been about a year now since my last actual relationship, and for unexplainable reasons i've had a desire to get back into one. go figure. the only drawback is knowing that the best relationships always come about when you're not looking for one. so i have start keeping my eyes open without looking.

in other news, dad is looking to find me a flight. he might have found one that gives me a night in paris, which would be great, cos crazy anna is there now, and i havent seen her since she visited new york last year. the girl is amazing. i spoke to her online about being in paris, and pointed out that i didnt know she spoke french. haha, she doesnt. she speaks some sort of spanish-italian-english combo that apparently pisses them off to no end and she's having a great time doing it. she's an absolute riot, and i hope i get to see her disturbing the lives of parisians.

i'm contemplating calling Josh in Jerusalem about spending a Jewy shabbat with him. i've never had one, and i think i mentioned once that i'd like to try it out. he'd be a good one to do it with, cos i'd get lots of fun explanations to everything that is Jew.

spent the other day at old man yossef's. we watched home movies from the 60's and 70's that he filmed all over the world. he's a hoot.

*sigh* i've stepped into a has found me a ticket home for the holidays. drawback, i'd be missing six days of class. five of them arabic. i really dont know how i could pull that one off...but i really want to go visit home....oh goodness.....


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