Sunday, February 15, 2004

So we'll take a moment to throw out some links as to why at this moment in time, it is clear that Bush is the best candidate. First, let's look at it from the middle east standpoint. Then, take a look at what the Washington Post and columnist George Will has to say about John Kerry. Finally, a look at the No Child Left Behind Act, something that Democrats have been so critical of Bush over.

now, there are clearly things about president bush that i dislike. i certainly dont like the rhetoric about amending the constitution to state that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. the united states constitution is not a document of moral relativism. Such amendments always bode ill. But what are kerry's plans? He has yet to take a stand beyond NOT supporting gay marriage, but gives a vague yes on civil unions. Anyone who keeps up with Andrew Sullivan knows that civil unions are not the answer. Dick Cheney, for all the colorful things democrats have to say about him, is one of the few to actual take a firm stand on the issue: leave it up to the states to decide.

I don't like where the international community has taken afghanistan and the US is certainly part of that international community.

Iraq has been a mess lately. But it could be much much worse. If you're following Z's blog you know that things are looking a little up lately. Unfortunatly, a certain mr. al-sistani is getting far more attention in the west than is good for anyone. But i wont be making any serious assessments until after June 30, when the power is handed over to iraq, for better or worse.


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