Sunday, February 08, 2004

so MJ (that's michael jackson for the unwashed) has joined the nation of islam? eh, good, they can have 'im, just let me keep my Jackson 5 greatest hits CD. he should do a duet with Cat Stevens. of course, MJ would make a lousy suicide bomber, everyone would get off the bus anyway, hell i'd blow myself up to get away from MJ. At least i have a beard so he probably wouldnt be interested in sitting next to me anyway. apparently some russian girl has super-powers? was just on CNN...let me see if i can find a link for y'all. "Overall, she was just a normal kid. Never was she able to see through humans!" says her loving mother. there are just waaaay too many good lines in this, so you'll have to read it for yourself...i particularly like the CIA conspiracy theory in the beginning. i know you will too. the fbi once tapped my why shouldnt this girl be able to see through humans? can she see through clothes too? that little x-ray mutant pervert! (WARNING! THIS IS HOW MUTANT DISCRIMINATION BEGINS!! DIDN'T YOU SEE X-MEN?!?!)

i think maybe we are all mutating. what with that two-headed baby in haiti and all. i hope i get to mutate. i'd like a superpower. the ability to use HTML in a way that would accomodate everyone? to predict the future? to stop MJ before he touches little boys? hey....i'm sure this an old joke by now (but i'm slow, shaddup) shouldnt MJ be joining the Catholic church? quitcher whinin, the only people i knew growing up were catholics, and none of them touched me inappropriatly...well, maybe they did, but we liked it. here, let me show you on the doll...

ok, i'll leave you with the dreams of a young girl:
"I would like to get into Moscow"s medical academy of Sechenov. However, I do not think that I will be able to pay for my studies- 70,000 rubles annually. Not even my gift can help me in these matters," says Natasha.

well naty, maybe it's time to charge people for your wonderful gift, the wonderful gift of realizing that there are many many many many many many many stupid people in the world.

then again, if i'm wrong, would you mind taking a look at this thing here on my foot?


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