Friday, February 06, 2004

ok kids...let me know how this looks. and let me know if that picture on the side works. it should work for all you kids that aren't using internet explorer. thanks to brian for clearing things up, he gets a free ride on the little bus. any more tips and advice will be welcomed. by the way, brian, i used mozilla...not to my liking, too many things popping up. besides, i've got my little yahoo search bar with my little pop-up blocker thing. i guess i'm just giving in to bill gates. please, don't take your aggression out on me. but i've never clicked on strange attachments, so i'm not really a technophobe, just a technomoron.

but i want props for getting this thing working. i have no idea what i'm doing, and sorta playing around with what little html i remember from high school. yes, bow down...then let me know if this thing is crap or not.


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