Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i have a working washing machine. cousin has been insane for a week as she has tests all this month. cousins friend has virtually moved in and they spend all day studying. art. ancient greek art. dead philosopher art. that's just lunacy.

had actual last last class at the museum today. interesting. good times. had lunch and coffee with D and A from class. and coffee. watched cutaways from egypt/camaroon and algeria/zimbabwe soccer matches.

went out for drinks at some bar. Female D from class is leaving for New Zealand. Alex knows female D, she's the highstrung one. she was hanging on me quite a bit. and kept asking me "isn't that guy i'm sorta seeing but not really just messing around with but it doesnt mean anything, cute?" chicks are weird.

too many people back home have been having panic attacks. it's like a new trend. i dont see why. i've had a couple of those. they dont beat a semi-complete nervous breakdown. complete breakdown is getting institutionalized. But i never figured out what to consider it if i had a semi-complete nervous breakdown and then voluntarily institutionalized myself. If lexiconography (?word?) is what stands between me and the funny farm, am i to be considered rationally insane or irrationally sane? either way, i can't believe i passed up all those drugs.

tee and hee.


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