Wednesday, February 25, 2004

feeling neglected? well, we can't all have the pope sprinkle ashes on our heads. personally, i can't wait to see the passion of the christ. rambling? you bet i am. but i saw clips of that crucifiction scene, and damn, that's some bloody violence. i feel like taking a nap.

tonight i'm off to the tel aviv jazz festival with effie, the crazy british roomate of K. there was a ticket mixup, and effie is a bigger jazz fan, so K is gonna see if she can find herself a ticket.

A from class just got back from thailand. apparently one of the first things he thought of was to email me about beer pong on friday. i called him a few hours later and he seemed totally delirious. i wonder when the thought of beer pong hit him between the time he landed and the time he emailed me. either way, i consider it endearing.

so i've just about finished my 30 page black september paper. anyone who feels like proofreading is welcome. **wink wink australia wink wink**

i wish i could join the MI5. more so than the CIA, which i've also considered. i'm sure this blog will somehow come back to bite me in the ass if i go through with applying. that is if all my other dirty secrets dont get out, hehehe...*sigh* i wish i was james bond. or james dean.

besides all this, life has been pretty slow moving. classes start on the 1st, thus ending sleep for the next 4 months. i'd better store up.


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