Friday, February 27, 2004

cousin/roomate never ceases to amaze. well, she does, but then out of nowhere she does something incredible. february has not just been a rough on myself, but her as well. she, at least, has an excuse. all month she's had test. really really hard tests. so she's mostly been locked away in her room or off at work. the little that we've seen each other has been mostly stress ridden and depression driven, two colliding worlds not meant to meet. there wasn't any fighting, but the apartment was cold (and not just because of the occasional winter rain).

so the other day, walking down the street, i was really thinking deeply about how cold i felt she'd been lately. wondering if this living arrangement was working. i got home that night and there's a note on the laptop "Hey, Just wanted to say that i'm sorry for being such a 'kalba' (bitch) lately, it's jut the... i even don't know what. But i havent been a very nice person to be with. I guess i just need some space. sorry"

well, i just walked into her room where she was (again) studying, gave her a kiss on the top of her head, and sat down to listen to her vent a bit about the shit tests she had the next morning. so things between us are good. i go back to school on monday, and then we really wont be seeing one another, since i'm out of the house before her, and she tends to get home a little before i'm off to bed. i just realized i'm going to have 11 1/2 hours of classes on thursdays. non-stop. at least it gives a good excuse to start drinking at 8 when i get out of school. happy hour. excellent.

my reviewing of arabic (i.e. relearning of everything) is not going as well as i keep telling myself it will. i need to learn 6 lessons. each one takes about 2 hours to master. i'm an idiot. i have until monday.

i got a message this morning from effie, seems that she needs someone manly (why she called me, i dont know. i guess because i'm not her exboyfriend) to help her move heavy things in her apartment. (again, why me, i dont know) apparently she tried and broke some cupboard which almost killed her. in return, i'm getting a chili dinner tonight. sounds good to me.

that reminds me, i should skeedaddle and re-re-read my B.S. (black september) paper. exactly 30 pages, how neat is that? i dont want to change anything because it's the perfect (read, maximum) length. im nervous about handing it in. i hope it's good.


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