Friday, January 16, 2004

wow kids. i hear it's -40 in new york with the windchill. -40. that sucks. today was partly cloudy here and i had to wear a sweatshirt, so i feel for ya. .....hehehe.....

exciting news? none really. I have my presentation on Black September on tuesday. I suppose we could call it black tuesday, and honor the second (?) stock market crash of 1929. Then again, i may be the only one nerdy enough for that. well, alex is nerdy enough.

Saw Dogville last night. Good movie, very long, but interesting. I imagine it gets very different responses from american audiences as opposed to european audiences. It's all worth it for the final scene though. Still, there are some things i could do without. I'm sick of seeing apples as a source of symbolisim. For christs sakes people, if 5000 years of usage isn't beating a dead horse, i dont know what is.

So Bernie L was a hoot (in Dutch, hoot means hat! haha, silly dutch). He was quite funny. He completely dissed one guy who asked this unbearbly long and stupid question by quipping, "could you perhaps clarify that question just a little bit?" although i felt the applause was unnecessary. I did like him comparing Iran to Europe just before the reformation. The place was full of old people. My posse, that would be everyone under 30, was sitting around making fun of the odd looking ones. Of particular note was Cruella DeVille, complete with half white, half black hair. Sitting next to her was Mark Twain's body double with the giant goatee. (don't know what mark twain looked like you say? you're just not geeky enough...yet) I was personally fond of the old guy in Bono style shades, and the Ian Mckellen stunt-double. The only reason women dont find him sexier then Sean Connery is cos he's gay.



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