Sunday, January 25, 2004

whats that? you want a funny story? SURE!

i got hit by a car today.

i was in the bike lane, and i was crossing the street, and instead of crossing on the line, the guy decided to come to a nice rolling stop over the crosswalk. nothing really happened, i didnt even fall, the car pushed me along and i was able to stay balanced with one leg on the ground. and i was just gonna go up to the driver and talk to him calmly and explain what he did wrong. but when i turned to look at him, (he didnt even get out), he just cocked his head and shrugged his shoulders, as if to say "oops, you shoulda been more careful"

i flipped.

i dont like flipping out like that. and it really doesnt count as getting furious, because i wasn't looking to fight the guy. he was old, i didnt feel like really giving him a heart attack. So i just yelled many many unpleasantries, and still managed to show him what he did wrong. he was angry. he may have had a stroke. good.

mean? yes, i am. but it's just rudeness that i can't stand.

ah well. i'm hungry.


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