Friday, January 02, 2004

stupid shit

like this always annoys me.

If Norquist had done something illegal, he would have been taken to court and tried.

Terrible. A reputation, and entire life perhaps, has been ruined. For what? a couple hundred thousand dollars going into the pockets of a woman who decided to "settle" rather then go to court. What does this say about the judiciary system? what does it say about Americans?

Let's face facts, i dont know enough about this to judge. But it sounds like you have a decent politician (a miracle in itself) who did decent and good things for his city. He had an affair. Fine, he's guilty of infidelity. But sexual harassment? we dont know if he's guilty or not because the "victim" didn't want to go to court. No, it's much more convenient to just get a nice fat wad of cash. that should make her "pain and anguish" go away, right? sure.

Before we get into comparisons with a certain president with problems keeping it in his pants, let me just remind everyone of something. Not only did Clinton lie under oath, but hundreds of people in the united states had gone to jail for committing perjury under oath when asked about sexual relations.


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