Thursday, January 01, 2004

so thinking about this guy makes me reflect on lots of things that i miss back in new york. but luckily there are lots of things here which are just like new york. like the folks in my neighborhood. Here's a short rundown:

The old midget woman with the gigantic beehive hairdoo and many many bags (obviously. what's a bag lady without bags?)

The guy who tapdances.

The guy who likes to say random things to me like "What ever happened to Robert Redford?" (he wished me happy holidays last week)

The neighborhood prostitute (Nothing says lovin' like white plastic kneehigh boots, cut-off daisy dukes, impossibly perky breasts, bleach blond hair, and the most serious fake 'n' bake i've ever seen)

on to other matters...can anyone explain

i mean, honestly. it says here that it's something called a "k-1 fight" which is "a combination of karate, taekwondo, and kickboxing." So basically, someone realized that the easiest way to make money is to find the two fattest dumbest guys you can, make them angry (slap them with slabs of meat and then deny them a hamburger perhaps?), and let them beat the shit out of each other. works for me. not so much for the guy missing all the teeth.

I've finally come to the root of what seperates the third world from the first world. In the first world, people who do things like this. Celebrating the new year? Going to war? who knows?! who cares!? rock on family that likes to fire off it's home made cannon.

another example? Money goes in wallets, not on puppets, silly!

I keep trying to find good pictures that make westerners look stupid (there are plenty, just look at anyone celebrating the new year back home) but i just feel that i have to share more pictures like this one

ah well. i should nap.


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