Sunday, January 18, 2004

saw two movies this weekend, Lost in Translation, and Dogville. I liked them both, although they're pretty much complete opposites. I preferred Lost, though. It's more truthful, plus i can relate to the circumstances from the couple of days i spent wandering aimlessly in Tokyo. Dogville is unique in style, and even in substance. It gives you lots to think about, and you get to enjoy that. But i felt very relaxed after Lost. I wont watch it again though, i think that would ruin it. It would be like the characters trying to go back and relive what they'd just done. You can't, it would ruin the original experience. So go see it.

Speaking of Japan, i went to a club called Japahn (that's phonetics for ya). Rocked out, particularly to the reggae. I wish i could dance like a normal human being though. Ah well. I imagine i look sorta like a retarded chicken. Still, good times. I should sleep...


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