Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ok ok, so i know i never (or pretend to never) put down anything too political. But i just emailed this to my dad, and i thought i'd share my ramblings with all of you lovely folks. Anything to get out of doing actual work, right? right...

I'm in the middle of researching Black September, and i came across this quote from Farouk Kaddoumi, who was the political head of the PLO in the late 70's.

"There are two phases to our return. The first phase to the 1967 lines, and the second to the 1948 lines...The third stage is the democratic state of Palestine. So we are fighting for these three stages. I hope Mr. Yitzhak Rabin knows this also." - 1977

Rabin may not have known this, but Sharon is more then aware of it. I think he's absolutely serious about moving unilaterally. He may be a lieing snake, but a snake isn't a stupid animal. I don't think it's a coincidence the syrians are making vague rumbles about restarting peace talks now. If Sharon bought into it, the first thing they'd demand is that he not move unilaterally. Bush seems to know this (or he's just smart enough to know when he's got his hands full) and that's why Washington is saying it's all up to J'salem. This may also be why the Lybian talks were leaked. You know the PLO is scared when the best threat they can come up with is that they'll move unilaterally for a bi-national state. That's not exactly the kind of slogan you can expect to hear from Hamas at the next flag burning orgy. Sounds like they're taking their war crys from the Democratic party.

But we'll see. One thing is for certain, that nothing here is for certain.


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