Saturday, January 31, 2004

Off to Jerusalem tomorrow. Going with a classmate who i met in new york. Do some shopping and wandering around, meet up with some family, and spend the night at Josh's. Perhaps i can help nurse his aching spleen in a non-dirty sort of way. i haven't been around Jerusalem (not really) in many many years. Mostly a lot of vague recollections, so i plan on spending monday as tourist-man. At least i've got language, so i can fake it.

So one of the interesting things about having so many different kinds of immigrants here is that you get really interesting commercials. They like to blend in different languages with Hebrew into the same sentence. Spanish and Hebrew, English and Hebrew, Russian and Hebrew, Arabic and Hebrew. Sometimes they're just in completely foreign languages, and you have to wonder, "will this shampoo only work if i'm spanish?"

whoa...they're talking about the super bowl on the news. Haha...oh man, no wonder everyone things americans are so weird. "Everything is closed! Everyone runs out to buy giant tv's!" is so weird here...


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