Thursday, January 22, 2004

haha...ok, this update is for you, sweet-tits.

everything worked out. i emailed the presentation to myself and printed it out at uni. good presentation, although i read too fast. i was worried it would take up too much time cos i had a lot of info. got good questions, and i think i did a good job of explaining and getting into things. especially considering having to do things like predict the outcomes of hypothetical situations....want an example? i know you do.

here's the kind of stuff i got asked:

What would have happened had Israel chosen to not back King Hussein (ergo supporting the Palestinians) in 1970, and at various other times (as proposed by Ariel Sharon and other individuals in the military)?

What would have happened had the PLO succeeded in overthrowing the king?

Wouldn't Israeli attacks on Syrian tanks give the other Arab states legitimacy in claiming that the King was working directly with the Americans and Israeli's?

I did a good job i think, the professor agreed with everything i said. He asked me how i felt after it was all done. I told him i think it could have been better, and he quickly said "no, it was excellent." So i'm quite content. I like him a lot. He reminds me a bit of my dad. turns out they were both in Sinai in '73.

in other exciting news...i've been reading a biography of King Hussein. Can you sense a pattern here? I can't help it though, the guy was incredible. Totally fascinating stuff. I can't believe no one's made a movie about him.

ok ok, i can't help it. here's the intro to my presentation: King ‘Abdallah was assassinated by a Palestinian on July 20, 1951 while entering the Al-Aksa Mosque. At his side was his grandson, 15 year old Prince Hussein. The assassin also fired upon the prince, but a medal on his chest deflected the bullet. In May of 1953 he would be crowned King, two years before Jordan would receive international recognition by the United Nations.

just so many things happened in the guy's life. so unreal. he walked a tightrope every day. not literally. people tried to kill him innumerable times. it would make such a good film. oh man. someone needs to write it.


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