Saturday, January 10, 2004

6 a.m. Cousin comes home stumbling drunk. Screams out my name. I ignore. Lights start turning on all over the apartment. I contemplate covering my glass door with aluminium foil. Banging. Owing. Knocking. Cousins drunk friend comes in. I finally get out of bed to see what the hell is happening. There's nothing to see here except two drunk chicks. *sigh* i must be getting old. There was a time i'd be beating people for disturbing my beauty rest. Perhaps it's because she didn't walk into my room and wake me. I can only imagine lots of violence and apologies resulting from that.

In other news, i'm looking to write for random papers and magazines. Figure i'll write a couple for uni papers, and then i can move ahead. Got a response from Oxford, yes that Oxford. I shouldnt say anything because i've only sent them a sample, i have yet to know if they want an actual article. We shall see.

Back to Cousin. How does one get ripped, and wake up 4 hours later to go to work? how? I can't decide if that's too fucking responsible or too fucking irrisponsible.

In true irresponisble fashion, i've left my ID card at the library at school with the librarian. Tomorrow morning in need to get up way too early in the a.m. to go all the way north to school in Ramat Aviv, only to go allll the way south to Jaffo (basically, i'm crossing all of Tel Aviv longways. wait, not basically, fo' rea' yo). Just so i can go to the customs office to sign random silly papers. On the way i need to (get ready for this kids, beaurocracy is nutty) stop at the post office to...try and get medical insurance! that's right, the post office. I go there with my little paper, and try to sign up for insurance. Then, hoping that the national insurance company has gotten all their shit together, i wont have a problem. Otherwise! i need to call them! and work it all out. Then, assuming all that is done, i need to start finding doctors to do all sorts of silly tests for the army. Now the army expects this done in two weeks. I've been "putting it off" for about 5 months though. Not my fault, everyone was on strike. Now the strike is over, but i imagine that wont last too long. No real agreement has been worked out. What a shock.

Moral: Socialism and it's best friend Beaurocracy suck balls.

I also have to be back at the uni at 6 for...dum dum dum! Bernard Lewis is coming! woot woot! well, i hope so. I hope he doesnt have a stroke on the stage, seeing as how the man is 90 years old. For the uncleansed, Lewis is one of the, if not THE, biggest name in middle eastern history. His lecture is actually dedicated to talking about Edward Said (controversial historian, author and creator of "Orientalism," just died...yeah)....intellectual face slapping by the elderly. Totally can't wait.


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