Saturday, December 06, 2003

what a strange night.

so turns out there's no guest list at this place, and it's 40 sheq's to get in. P is broke, so we decided to hit up the Grozini Bar, which is this hip trendy place on the lillinblum strip. it's a bitch getting in, but A is dying to go before she leaves for home. So we waited around, finally got a table. I ordered a big plate of beets and a giant glass of red wine (which should have been more full...fucking hipster shits)..i was mocked ruthlessly for my evil billionaire's meal...personally, i really like beets. i grew up on beets. they're very eastern european. didnt realize they grossed people out so much...i'd probably be dead in a pool of my own vomit now though, if it werent for the, uh, magic nausea medicine i took earliier. ...that's good shit. ...

...the music was really good tho. danced a lot, even though it was really crowded. i think P and K got into a fight. I'm staying out of this. This could create social awkwardness in the future.

the end of the night taxi was really funny, cos i got in with K, and "A Hard Days Night" is just BLARING from the radio, and the guy driving looked like he could have just stepped out of the early 60's, save for that pierced eye-brow.


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