Thursday, December 04, 2003

So looks like i'll be going down south this weekend. It's a gamble.

It's with people from school, but all the people i'm really friends with wont be there. There's this cool party at this club called Japan, and Hede (who was performing two weeks ago at the drum and bass party) is performing. I want to go, but i feel like i need to get out of Tel Aviv and travel a bit.

So what will this be like? i'm not sure. I really hope it doesnt suck. I also hope it doesnt rain and we die in some desert flood. I also hope the people who go dont act like giant cocks. I hope it doesnt flood giant cocks.


anyway, i sent out a whole mess of pics to a bunch of people, and if you've been left out, i apologize and you should email me your questions, comments, and complaints. Just dont expect a response until monday. maybe. i'm still debating.


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