Monday, December 15, 2003

So K's birthday was quite a success. It was down at Puah (poo-ah?), it's this neat little cafe in the middle of the shook (bazaar) in yaffo. since it was late, everything was closed except for Puah. The shook at night is kinda scary looking if you've never been there before. it's all alleyways and dark, everything is closed up, and if it's been raining there are giant puddles and rivers flowing through the streets. Then oin the middle of nowhere lies Puah, an electric oasis of food and coffee (and live jazz, if you're lucky).

anyway, i met David the Belgian before taking a cab down to yaffo. When lo and behold, who should step out of the cab but a high price hooker. No, really, she was a high price hooker. Apparently she charges 1000 sheqels (about 200 dollars) an hour. I know this because the cab driver explained it to us. He also explained to me how prostitution works in Israel, how much money is to be made in it, and that "John's" are called "Alex's" in Israel. Good to know. He then went on to curse in arabic.

it also rained last night for all of 10 minutes. just poured down like crazy, and then stopped. typical tel aviv rain.

finished my paper for Ottoman History. it's either really good or really bad. I'll let you know.

mom and dad come in 2 days. I need to clean more. I swept the apartment today, sorta. didnt' do a very good job. but did collect a HUGE pile of dust. This is the dustiest city in the world. Don't give me that shit about Afgan cities. I'm looking at you A!

A who also called me tonight at 11 to discuss a brilliant revelation she stumbled upon today regarding the eastern conquest model in light of the Ottomans. Mind you, A isn't even taking an Ottoman history class. NERD!!! *sigh* it'd be mean if i weren't one...

i should sleep....


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