Wednesday, December 24, 2003

so i learned what may very well be the most important phrase i'll ever learn in arabic. well, one of them anyway.

Kam zawjahan laka?


How many wives do you have?

now i just need to learn how to ask, "How many camels for your daughter?" and i'll be all set.

other interesting news: americans do weird things during the holidays just make sure you check out the last line. it's the winner. maybe it's just the wacky jews. but something tells me by all the bright red sweaters donned on pets, it's not specific to any religion. Perhaps for pets could fast for ramadan. i could make my pet fast for yom kippur. or make it eat an exhorbited amount like i do.

hmmm, i wish i could dance. i ocassionally like to pretend i can dance. that's always entertaining. still, i wish i could dance. of course, i should probably work on getting general moter skills up to par.

speaking of getting up to par....homework!


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